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Leaf and the forgotten temple is an upcoming game for Atari Lyx.

This version (Ynxa) is the version sumitted to the AtariGamer 30th coding contest in 2019. It is a full game and is close to the final release. Major changes between versions should be :

  • level design
  • gameplay adjustment
  • graphics enhancement
  • sound design enhancement
  • Last but not least, the name of the game :D

There is no schedule deadline for the final game, it should be edited in physical form by Coté Gamers, when it will be ready.

Goal of the game 

The goal of the game is to go through the pyramid. The game itself is divided in 2 parts : 

-The Prologue 

-The Main Game 

Each part of the game is represented by a hub, which contains doors to levels. 
Your goal during the prologue is to gain abilities and powers in order to be able to access to the main part. 
In the main part, you will have to follow the 8 paths of perseverance in order to unlock the final level. 

How to play : 

Left & right : The player moves left and right using the Atari Lynx D-pad. 
Up & Down : Go through a door using the Up direction. Only Leaf and Fire can use ladders up and down. 
A button : Leaf can jump or use switches. Fire can shoot or transform into bomb. If blocked in a pit, Water will start to flood. 
B button : When available, you can change your form using B button and left/right. To do so, you need to be on an empty case with an empty case over you. 
Pause + Option 1 : Reset game to main menu. 
Option 2 : Display in game menu allowing you to restart a level, quit a level or set options.  

Credits :

Code :  Fadest 

Msx  :  Romu 

Graphics :   


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