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Raid on Tricity is an Atari Lynx ROM intended to be played on real Lynx via a flashcard or on an emulator on other devices.

The game come in 2 versions :

  • Second Wave is for sale on Yastuna Games store, and add a Story mode to the Arcade experience. It is now also available as free download.
  • First contact is only digital and free on itch.io, feature only Arcade mode

What's new in Raid on TriCity - First Impact, compared to the previous version:

  • Game is more punchy now,
  • Bombs explode when they hit the ground, so be careful,
  • Leaderboard 

How to play

Well, it's quite easy :

If you have ever play a Tetris clone game, you know how to score : you gain points when a line is complete, the more lines made at the same time, the more points you get.

If you have ever play a shoot'em up game, you know the basis of the game play : just move and shoot. You can move on every brick of the board, you can shoot falling bricks. There are some bonuses that can be collected once down, some other that need to be shoot. There are also some malus, destroy them before they are down or deal with them :

  • 2 of them let you increase (max 5) or decrease (min 1) your number of max shoot allowed,
  • the bomb will also destroy the 8 surrounding blocs when shoot (can be shot while falling, but also on grid)
  • the laser will destroy all blocs on same line when shoot, (can be shot while falling, but also on grid)
  • the monster bloc will create a monster when fall down : the monster will move randomly on grid. You can shoot it. You could also destroy monster bloc while falling
  • the line shield will disable the ability the remove a whole line when complete. If you didn't destroyed it while falling, the only way to remove it is to shoot a neighbour bomb, or a laser on the same line.

Pause will display an help screen.


Code : Fadest 

Graphism : 108 Stars (final release) / Gregg (original) 

Music / SFX : Der Luchs

Made in C with BLL Kit (Lars Baumstark, Matthias Domin, Bastian Schick) and Chipper (Sage)

Technical support : AtariAge and Yaronet Lynx developpers community

Thank you to everyone who supported this project, in particular Der Luchs, who resuscitated it with its superb music.


v1.01 : add EEProm flag in header, needed for emulator compatible sith EEProm support, like Felyx:

Felyx Releases by laoo · GitHub


Raid on Tricity - First Impact - 1_01.zip 4 MB
Raid on Tricity - Second Wave.zip 2 MB

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